Rangemaster Tactical Conference 2023 Bonus Content

In a previous post I provided an AAR about all the KR Training-related activities at the 2023 Rangemaster Tactical Conference.

This post discusses some sessions I attended and shares some pictures and links to podcasts that discuss TacCon23.

This is a picture of me, clearly unhappy that my cover garment didn’t move out of the way cleanly, on my draw on the first run of my shootoff with Tim Herron. He’s way ahead of me on the draw, and stayed ahead for the entire run.

A nice pic of KR Training’s Ed Vinyard wearing his company shirt at one of John’s AIWB Skills range sessions.

The TacCon Chess Club (L-R, Lee Weems, John Hearne and Erick Gelhaus) during their “Our Favorite Research Studies” presentation.

John Hearne, discussing the results of a military study on stress and force on force training. Unsurprisingly this study found that repeated exposure to force on force scenarios improves performance, particularly with regard to reducing the number of unjustified shootings. It also found that higher levels of technical handgun skill improved performance in the FOF scenarios.

Andy Stanford, perhaps inspired/influenced by the efforts Tom Givens and I have made to educate others about the history of handgun training, has been doing field interviews with many of the most important trainers from the 1960’s and 1970’s. He shared some of that video with us during his presentation, and has promised that a video documentary with the best parts of those interviews will be released in the future.

Andy is also a musician and singer, known for performing Allen Wayne Damron’s song “Gringo Pistolero” at the end of his classes and presentations. Here’s Andy’s TacCon23 performance:

Ed with John and Martha Holschen, who taught a class at the A-Zone the weekend prior to TacCon 23.

The Tactical Twins from Evolution Security talk about their experiences at this year’s TacCon.

Lee Weems’ “That Weems Guy” podcast has run two episodes about TacCon23

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