KR Training April 2023 Newsletter


We just added more classes to our May-June schedule, with more to be added next month as we work out our summer and fall plans. Don’t see a class that interests you? Let us know. We have a few dates left in July to add some courses. For the hotter summer months we will mostly be offering morning courses.


I am available for private weekday training. Doug Greig is also available for private weekday and some weekend sessions. Contact us for details.

Upcoming classes with space available:





Courses marked with *** are classes that count toward the Defensive Pistol Skills Program challenge coin.
Prices and registration links are at

Click HERE to register for any class.

Strategies and Standards 2023 Updated Edition

We released the updated edition of our “Strategies and Standards For Defensive Handgun Training” book just in time for the 2023 Tactical Conference. The 2023 edition has more than 40 pages of new content, bigger text, bigger graphics. Signed copies available during classes at the A-Zone for $10, or we will ship you one for $20. Or you can buy the e-book or an unsigned print copy from Amazon.

Rangemaster Tactical Conference 2023

KR Training was well represented at TacCon 2023, and registration for TacCon 2024 was posted (and sold out!) before we could get this newsletter out. Read more about what you missed in our AAR

John and I have already accepted an invitation to co-teach some classroom and range sessions, based on the material in our book, at TacCon 24.

NRA Annual Meeting

I also attended the NRA’s Annual Meeting, representing the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, as a Board of Directors member. My AAR from that event is here

Basic Rifle Skills

Slots are still available in Doug Greig’s Basic Rifle Skills class, coming up May 7th. This is a small group class intended for new rifle owners, particularly new AR-15 owners, teaching parts, operation, zeroing, basic marksmanship and other fundamentals. Students under 18 are allowed if a responsible adult remains on site with them during the course, and .22 rifles can be used for this course.

Defensive Pistol Skills – Small Gun

Every year in early summer we offer a special class that focuses on small guns popular for summer carry. That means snub revolvers, subcaliber guns (from .22 to .380), pocket guns, and subcompact guns. Students in the class can work from pocket carry, belly band carry, purse carry, “tuckable” holster carry, Flashbang bra carry. Train with the gear you are going use this summer. Because those guns are not that much fun to shoot, class is low round count, and short (3 hours). Here’s the writeup from last year’s class:

We paired that class with a short (indoor) Stop the Bleed class, suitable for first time STB students and those that want a quick refresher on those critical life saving skills.

Visit the KR Training website to register. Refresher slots in DPS Small Gun are available, contact us for the discount code. Due to the low price for Stop the Bleed, there is no discount for refresher students.

Andy Stanford/Sure Fire Visit

Andy Stanford from SureFire is coming to teach two invitation only classes on May 16-17. He’ll be offering two pilot sessions of his new Master Coach Development class, one only open to law enforcement trainers, and one limited to private sector instructors and KR Training challenge coin holders.

TCOLE Tactical Pistol (and instructor) class

At the end of May we are offering a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement certified firearms instructor class. Normally these classes are only open to law enforcement officers who have taken the TCOLE 40-hour basic instructor class, but a limited number of slots will be available to private sector trainers that are Texas LTC or higher level instructors. Private sector students will not get full accreditation for attending, unless they have a TCOLE PID and have taken the pre-req TCOLE basic instructor course. But the real benefit to KR Training students is this:

On Saturday, June 3, the graduates of the TCOLE Firearms Instructor course will put on a full day class that replicates part of the handgun curriculum taught to law enforcement officers. This Tactical Pistol course is a one day class, 350 rounds, suitable for anyone at the carry permit or higher level. Student-teacher ratio will be very low, possibly even 1:1, so each student will get attention and coaching. Graduates of our Basic Pistol 2 and DPS-1 classes are strongly encouraged to attend this course, as it will reinforce and expand on what you’ve learned from us, and give you opportunities to practice those skills with individual instruction and guidance.


We will run some USPSA matches this summer, with one early match May 24, and the remainder of the series starting mid June through end of July. Details about the matches are here. Any one that has taken DPS-1, Beyond Basics or higher level classes is welcome to attend. These small matches run faster than the big weekend events, with 150 rounds of shooting fun. Each match includes a shoothouse stage, steel target stage, one historical stage (shot using USPSA rules) and other shooting activities not always included in group classes.

Fun video of USPSA Grand Master Ben Stoeger running a shoothouse stage at the A-Zone during his February visit.



Last year I released an expanded, updated version of my late 1980’s all electronic jazz project “electrophonic” called “electrophonic expanded“. All the audio tracks are on all the streaming outlets (Apple, Spotify, Amazon, etc.). I’ve been making videos for each of the tracks, and there’s a playlist for them on youTube. Back in 1990, three songs from “electrophonic” were selected to be part of a package representing Austin music at an international music conference. The promo videos for those songs ended up in rotation on Austin’s ACTV cable channel for most of the 1990’s. Using modern AI video enhancing software, I was able to upscale and clean up the digitized VHS recordings, and updated the audio with the remastered version. This one, Mesa Village Blues, is a simple video but the song features some of my fanciest piano playing, particularly in the second half (a.k.a. “the fast part”).


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Karl, Penny and the KR Training team