Wilson’s Comprehensive Handgun Proficiency Drill

I saw this new drill from Bill Wilson online the other day, so I set it up and shot it. He calls it the “Comprehensive Handgun Proficiency” drill, which aligns with our interest in minimum competency and standards generally. It includes a concealment draw, emergency reload, engaging targets at 7 and 12 yards with 12 yard head shots (simulating 24 yard body shots), stationary target transitions within a single target and across a wide space, shooting on the move, and thinking (surprise reload).

It’s an easy drill to set up if you have an outdoor range and space to move. Not a drill well suited to single lane practice at an indoor range. This stage will definitely be set up and run during one of our summer USPSA matches.

CHP DRILL (Comprehensive Handgun Proficiency)

Purpose: This drill is designed to test as many basic defensive shooting skills as
possible with a quick to administer single string of fire and minimal ammunition required,
that can be shot on basic ranges, even indoors.

What This Drill Tests: Draw/presentation, multiple shot control, target transition,
movement under time, shooting on the move, target acquisition after movement,
emergency re-load and precision shots.

Designer: Bill Wilson

Equipment/Ammunition Required: Self-defense handgun of 9mm caliber or larger, a
proper concealed carry holster, one spare magazine, magazine pouch and 14 rounds of

Targets/Scoring: 3 standard IDPA targets scored raw time +1 second per point down.
Targets are scored +0, +1, +3 for body shots, head -0, -1, complete miss +3 seconds.

Start Position: Standing holstered hands naturally at your sides at P1. Can be shot
concealed or unconcealed at the shooters discretion. NOTE: Start with between 8 and
13 rounds in your handgun and for best training have a buddy load your magazine so
you won’t know when the emergency reload will come.

Procedure: Start at position 1, on signal draw and engage T1 with 3 rounds, transition to
T2 and engage with 3 rounds, move to P2 while engaging T3 with 2 rounds on the move,
from P2 re-engage T2 with 2 rounds to the body and 1 round to the head, transition to
T1 and engage with 2 rounds to the body and 1 round to the head. Do a mandatory
emergency slide-lock re-load when you run out of ammunition.

ADVANCED: 18 Sec or less, PROFICIENT: 18.01-29.00 Sec, NOVICE: 29.01 Sec or more

I shot it 3 times, this was the best run. 16.03 down 1, for an Advanced score of 17.03. From open carry with a full size gun, I could probably knock a few seconds off that time, but the intent of this drill is to shoot it with real world carry gear.