Texas Bar Online Course on Firearms Law 2020

The Texas Bar continuing education program offers a session titled “Firearms Law: What Every Texas Lawyer Needs to Know”, on September 24-25, 2020.

The session is not limited to Texas lawyers. Anyone can attend. I’ve attended the in-person sessions in previous years and found them very useful and informative. Speakers typically include prosecutors, defensive lawyers, judges, and legal experts. One year Don West, who defended George Zimmerman, gave a full day’s presentation on that case. Last year’s presenters included trainer Massad Ayoob, Gene Anthes, the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network lawyer that represented John Daub after his self-defense shooting, and a Tyler law enforcement officer who was involved in the pursuit and shooting of the active killer at that city’s courthouse.

My AAR from the 2018 event is here (part 1, part 2).

This year’s topics include

  • Primer on Basics of Gun Law
  • Firearms and Family Law – What Every Family Lawyer Should Know
  • Granny Had a Gun: Firearms in Estate Administration• Gun Trusts
  • How to Protect Your Law Firm from Violence in the Workplace
  • Premises Liability and Guns
  • Hosting a Social Shooting Experience
  • Understanding and Sorting out the Conflicts in Texas Carry Rules
  • Defending Our Own: We Stopped the Shooting\
  • 20 Cases Every Lawyer and Gun Owner Should Know
  • Gun Collecting
  • The Changing Policies on Use of Force and the Pros and Cons of the Decline in Officer Involved Shootings
  • Avoiding Malpractice and Ethics Violation in Representing Family and Criminal Law Matters
  • Understanding Controversial Verdicts

This year’s conference will be purely online, and discounted rates for pre-registration are available. If you can’t watch it live, the sessions will be available to view anytime for a year after the event. Print copy or full PDF of the event notes are included in the cost. Typically the event notes are very detailed (not power point slides but full text documents) and are hundreds of pages long, full of content.

This training far surpasses anything the DPS ever offered to LTC instructors for professional development, and in my opinion this seminar should be essential viewing for all Texas LTC instructors. The topics are broad enough in scope that any gun owner, armed citizen or instructor teaching outside Texas would benefit from the information as well.

For more information, here’s the link to the event brochure and registration.