Vintage Force on Force video from 1998

Teaching no classes in April 2020 gave me some time to go through the 30 year archive of pictures and video we have recorded during classes and special events. Thanks to modern video restoration tools, I was able to clean up some fairly low resolution, low quality video of an October 1998 session of Advanced Training 2 (force on force scenarios).

I posted some excerpts of the video to Instagram. The youTube link includes all the salvageable content. Back in that era we were using .38 revolvers loaded with Code Eagle marking rounds, and safety gear that was a mix of paintball, hockey, baseball and military surplus items. The class was held at the Sanborn Shooters facility in Smithville (our home base for classes during that era), with mobile barricades and other items used to build very simple structures. Graduates of AT-2 will see the Fisher Price cash register in use in the convenience store scenarios. It’s one of our oldest, most durable and favorite scenario props.

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